Our Team

About us

AES Appliance Service was started in March 2007 with a vision to provide excellent quality repairs to household appliances in the ACT region. Over the past 13 years we have grown into a dynamic team, who are committed to providing great service to our customers.
We value honesty, quality and timeliness of our work. We communicate clearly and keep our clients in the loop at all times.

Adam Stanes

Director/ Technician and Technical Service Manage

  • Time living in Canberra: 15 years
  • Time working with AES: 13 years
  • Favourite sports team: The Canberra Raiders
  • Favourite superhero: Astroboy/ Tintin
  • Favourite hobby: Mountain Biking
  • Favourite drink: Coffee, coffee & coffee… White Rabbit Dark Ale

Joy Maunder

Administration Assistant

  • Time living in Canberra: 5 years
  • Time working with AES: 3 months and loving it!
  • Favourite sports team: I am not really a sports person so I’ll do the Canberra thing and go for the Canberra Raiders
  • Favourite superhero: Not sure if he counts as a superhero but I do like Emmett (from the Lego movie)
  • Favourite hobby: Drinking coffee and snowboarding
  • Favourite drink: Coffee and a nice shiraz!

Brendon Blundell


  • Time in Canberra: Born and bred
  • Time working with AES: About 8 years
  • Favourite sports team: Raiders
  • Real life hero: Oscar Schindler
  • Hobby: Playing music in a band
  • Favourite drink: Orange and Mango Berocca, usually after a night playing tunes!

Joe Fitzgerald


  • Time in Canberra: Living in Canberra’s cousin (Queanbeyan) since 2014
  • Time working with AES: AES first offered me the job but I turned them down for a position to help build the NBN network. Worst mistake ever. Started with AES in October 2015. I have been smiling and singing in the company ever since.
  • Favourite team: Arsenal has always been my favourite team!
  • Favourite superhero: Superman (who took pointers off me!)
  • Favourite sport: Soccer all the way! Gundaroo Bullocks FTW.
  • Favourite drink: Carlton Dry

Adam Baker

Technician/ Parts Manager

  • Time living in Canberra: Born in Canberra
  • Time working with AES: About 4 years
  • Favourite sports team: Canberra Raiders
  • Favourite superhero: Dead pool
  • Favourite hobby: Gaming
  • Favourite drink: Beer


AES are very reasonably priced and value honesty, quality, and timeliness of our work. We ensure clear communication throughout the repair process and are transparent with our charges and all of our repairs come with a 3 month warranty on the service call, 12 months warranty on any additional labour and the manufacturers warranty on any spare parts used on the repair.

Reach out today and request a repair for your appliance.